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Every man wants to achieve and excel in life, to play an affective role as a leader so they can be an inspiring example and influence other people in their life. At Likewise Christian Ministries our aim is to fill men with practical insights that will enable them to successfully overcome all trials and tribulations to become a winner.



'And many of the Samaritans of that city believed in Him because of the word of the woman who testified, “He told me all that I ever did.” John 4:39

The Woman in today’s world has the potential to increase and play a very active part in the society from their home. Women are career builders and also supportive leadership in the community. At Likewise Christian Ministries, women are challenged by the gospel to use all the gifts that God has given them.
Our ministry speaks to:
A man’s (woman) relation with God…
Connecting with God daily through prayer and bible study
Being changed by God’s Word
Learning to love and worship God
Being good stewards of time, talent and treasures

A women’s relationship with others…
Being a loving and humble mothers
Being dedicated mothers
Sharing our faith through evangelism
Serving others through ministry and mission




In the ever-increasing drug abuse and violence culture that faces the youth, they need good guidance, proper security and excellent moral intellect. At Likewise Christian Ministries, we give and develop the youth through carefully designed programmes so that they can find their place in the community, society and the world around them.


During the crucial period in a child’s life, it is very important to have confidence in his/herself about growing up in a moment of exasperation. Likewise Christian Ministries teaches children the values of biblical truth about Christ in a playful, exciting and colourful way in order for them to be stable in later life. So later in life, they will not depart from what they have been taught but rather to improve on it. Sigificant to us since creation. Regularly, we have in the church exciting activities and teaching for the children of infant s that are in the junior school age on Sundays, using up to date and carefully selected materials that are relevant to the children that is based on the bible and its effect on present day society. Normally, the children would stay with the adults in the main service during time of prayer, teaching and the worship and praise service before leaving to a room for their activities carefully tailored to suit them.


Psalm 66:1-2“Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands. Sing forth to the honour of His name, make His praise glorious.”
At likewise Church, we believe that worship is a passionate heart response joining with Heaven, together in joyous praise reflecting the glory of God. The Bible states in 2Chronicles that the glory, the awesome power and His presence are revealed through powerful united Holy Spirit inspired by Praise and Worship to Him.

We also believe that praises and Worshipping the Lord Most High is a constant way of life and in an atmosphere of united or cooperated celebration we encourage each others to testify of God’s goodness, grace and anointing to set people free spiritually, physically and emotionally and allow the Holy Spirit to move freely among the saints of God in the church service.

In Joshua, we see as we put on our garments of Praise and Worship, we experience the move of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, changing the impossible situations, and pulling down strong holds in people’s lives.

As a group of musicians and singers in the church, we meet together to seek God, pray, worship and rehearse our skills in readiness to serve Him in Spirit and in truth

Home Cell

As a local church we are concerned with the building of the body of Jesus Christ through consistent and effective Bible study programme.

We do this by meeting during the week in local venues where our members congregate and do the studies.Usually a member will be chosen to lead in the facilitation of the studies and all other bring their contributions.We believe that God speaks through His own people who avail themselves to Him during these times of studies.Therefore the new believer is even encouraged to share his or her thoughts as God is communicating to him or her at the time.We believe God the Holy Spirit uses everyone who is born again to share His mind.

By this we sharpen and shape our theological thinking and the members are built up and rooted in the power of the word of God.

You are invited to join any of the home cell nearer you.